Welcome To Adventure Bears!

We started our adventure in 2006 on other bear cruises and we were looking for more than just a bear cruise but go on an adventure that nothing would beat personalized service, experience relaxation, and attention to detail.

Bear cruises have become so large and impersonal that no one takes the time to get to know you. The intimacy and genuineness that our hosts bring to the cruise is infectious.

Laz has been organizing successful cruises for the Bear community friends and family for the past several years. Our goal is to provide the most fun loving, intimate and personal experience for the Bear Community.

Meet Our Team

Founded Adventure Bears in 2010 looking to create a stress free, fun, upscale memorable vacation experience and an opportunity to make lasting friendships. His goal is to create a vacation experience on some of the finest cruise lines at affordable rates while fostering a fun, memorable adventure for the bears, bear friendly, GLBT community, and our straight friends.
RandyMarketing Director
Randy is the brains behind all of the Adventure Bears marketing and art work.
Paul Stalbaum
Paul StalbaumOur Travel Professional
Paul Stalbaum of Cruise Designs, who has been in the travel industry for close to 40 years, is the perfect choice for our travel agent. With years of experience in the travel industry, he has traveled virtually all over the world, and has the ability to see the world through the eyes of an individual who is both a gay man and enjoys fine hotels and cruises.